I know some Betas who moved on up!

The other day, I was in the store with the babies and we stopped to look at the fish.  I was looking at the Betas and I noticed that in one container, there were 2 of them.  The first rule of Betas is that you can’t put them together or they will kill each other.  One of the fish looked fine, but the other was pretty beat up.  His fins had been bitten up to the point of barely having any. 

I called Brian. “I’m going to buy a Beta!  And, here’s why!”  – I said, emphatically.  He, of course, agreed.  When I was able to finally get someone to help (irritation intended), she said she couldn’t separate them and they had come to the store like that.  Although, I was sure she could separate them, if she wanted to; I resigned myself to buying both of them, in order to save “Fishy” (the name that Lizzie later gave him.).  To add to my lack of confidence in their fish care abilities, I discovered that they didn’t actually sell the Beta food.  The employee was surprised too and commented that wasn’t even a space for it.  (What are they feeding them?)  Hmm, Brian’s lucky I didn’t come home with all the fish. 

Worried that William would feel left out when we came home with 2 fish, I picked 1out for him.  Then we picked out bowls, gravel, the obligatory decorative tree, etc, and we were on our way. 

William was super excited when he came home to a new pet.  I had put the bullied Beta in his new home, right away, but waited for William to come home, so he could help with his fish. 

The boys had a great time setting up their fish bowls and Lizzie had a great time talking to her fish, “Fishy.” ( :

In the end, what had started as me just trying to rescue a fish, turned into a super fun, family activity with super happy kids. 

I was very, very glad that I had noticed poor, little Fishy.  And, I was also very, very glad that the kids were happy.  I sometimes feel so much pressure to give them the childhood they deserve.  To deserve them.  With just a few twists of fate, they could’ve not been mine.  But, they are and I want them to look back on their childhood and smile. 

On this day, I did ok.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes. ( :

P.S.  Ginger, the cat, was also pleased about the new addition to the family (Racecar, Ming Ming, and Fishy)…a little too pleased.

19 thoughts on “I know some Betas who moved on up!

  1. You and my kids would get along \”swimmingly\”!I think that it is human nature to look back on childhood in the positive (unless it is really bad). I think we know when we were loved and cared for. Even the years I spent in group-homes I remember fondly and I miss my staff. So much so that my 12 year-old is jealous of my years long stay at group-home sleep-away-camp.What I am saying is that you are doing just that. You need not put undue pressure on your self, they will know that they were loved.Ps the kitty may look just a little too pleased with its new friends.


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