My Son Wants Me To Forget His History

It's no secret that we have been struggling with William. It seems like the last few weeks, months,'s been one thing after the other. Recently, he robbed me of my first ever mom break when he got himself kicked out of camp. I won't go into the details but I will say that it … Continue reading My Son Wants Me To Forget His History

A Geeky House Makeover

Brian is a man who needs a hobby. When he comes home from work after a day of dealing with customers who are often less than polite, he wants to be mentally stimulated. I guess he needs to know that he is something besides Brian the store manager. Now me, after a day of momming and … Continue reading A Geeky House Makeover

I Feel Like I’m Failing My Son

I'm going through it with William. I've wanted to write about it but the unfortunate reality is that he's fifteen and doing so violates his privacy to a certain extent. But, still all these words are inside me, my fingers ache to type them and my brain aches to get them out of my head. … Continue reading I Feel Like I’m Failing My Son

Homeschool Fun With Insects

  So, it looks like we are embarking on an unexpected insect adventure. Praying Mantises! I was volunteering in one of Antwan's co-op classes and the main teacher also teaches the bug class. She had approximately 200 Praying Mantises with her and was ready to distribute them to her class. I, of course, was all excited … Continue reading Homeschool Fun With Insects

Bridging The Gap With Black Panther

I'm always looking for ways to connect the kids to their "blackness." All the studies and articles written by super smart people say it's super important. And people who grew up in a transracial family say how they felt like they didn't belong. (Although, I think in our immediate family, the fact that Brian and … Continue reading Bridging The Gap With Black Panther

Stuck In The Anger Stage Of Grief

So my dad is dead and I'm in the anger stage of grief and those angry emotions are constantly boiling right under the surface of my emotional skin. A handful of weeks ago, I was preaching to the kids that it's important to remember not to let the little things get to us and remember what's … Continue reading Stuck In The Anger Stage Of Grief


#momguilt I knew since I was a kid that I wanted to be a mom.  By young adulthood, I had gathered that it wasn't going to be easy.  But, like most people who aren't actually parents yet, I had all the answers.  I could see the mistakes that the moms around me made and I … Continue reading #MomGuilt

Our Kids’ Oldest Brother And Us.

When I stop and think about it, I am aware at how differently my life turned out from what I expected..  I always visualized marrying a man with brown hair who would make me laugh and feel safe.  I would get pregnant immediately.  We'd have 2 or 4 babies (I like equal numbers.)and a houseful of animals.  We … Continue reading Our Kids’ Oldest Brother And Us.

Should My Children Be Grateful For Being Adopted?

Adoptive parents are sensitive folks.  Really, every group is.  There are some things that will get us all revved up.  My "triggers" are asking about "real mom," asking if I have my own children, or really anything that suggests that I or my children are "less than," in any way.  I've tried to lighten up over the … Continue reading Should My Children Be Grateful For Being Adopted?

When I Was A Little Girl.

Motherhood.  It's such a common thing and yet for some it is (or was) so hard to achieve.  We take it on cavalierly like it's not a big deal and is all at the same time.  We try to do our best as we take on the power to completely make or break someone.  If you want to … Continue reading When I Was A Little Girl.