Everyone Needs A Project!

So, I have to share my little (admittedly, a bit late in the game) summer project!  I keep seeing all these articles about making non-waffle items in the waffle iron and that sounds right up our alley!  So, I decided that we should try a new recipe every week (or weekish, depending on my level of organization, haha).
So, since we all love eggs and breakfast, in general.  What better to start with then scrambled eggs and bacon! 
The easy part was buying the eggs supplies and the bacon and plugging in the waffle iron.  So, I did that. 🙂

I even remembered to spray the waffle iron with Pam.  This is a step that I rarely remember when I’m making eggs in a frying pan like normal people. 😉
For once, I learned from my mistakes and called each kid into the kitchen, individually.   

First, Lizzie.

 She added Kale to hers. 🙂

Second, Antwan. 

He kept it basic.  Just eggs and no frills.



He was on the fence about how he felt about it.  But, he ate it. 🙂
Third, William.

He stirred intently.

Super fast stirring equals blurry pictures.

He loved it!

Fourth, Kaleb.  He fancied it up with tomatoes and kale.


And, the bacon!  The bacon was YUMMY!  I’m not even a huge bacon fan.  But, everyone agreed that it tasted better coming from a waffle iron. 🙂


When it was finally my turn, I did not remember to respray it with Pam.  I didn’t just not remember, it never crossed my mind that I should re-spray.  And, it turns out, if you don’t, your egg waffle will not want to come out of the waffle iron. 

Lessons learned!

So, mine may have looked a little funky.  But, it was still edible. 😉
And, much later when Brian came home, he was bombarded with an overly-excited me,  And, given the “opportunity” to make his own dinner after working all day.  In other news, I’m a great wife… 😉
Still hadn’t solved that whole sticking to the waffle iron issue.

He approved. 🙂
So, the waffle egg was yummy and a little confusing.  Because, you know,  it looks like a waffle, but tastes like an egg.  Confusing.  🙂  But, either way, it was really good. 
And, lots of fun.



Next week, cinnamon rolls.  Because, ah, cinnamon rolls. 🙂


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