Sharing Is Caring-Especially If Honey Buns Are Involved.

Brian loves The Beatles.  I love Batman.  Kaleb loves basketball.  William loves Doctor Who.  Lizzie loves animals.  And Antwan, he loves Honey Buns.  There is no truer statement in the world than this.  He really loves Honey Buns and always has.  I wish that I could remember the first time that he tried one.  If I had known how much they would matter to him, I would’ve documented it. And, it can’t be any old brand, it’s gotta be Little Debbie.  Don’t get me wrong, if someone accidently buys a different brand, he’ll eat through the disappointment. haha. But, given his choice….Little Debbie – EVERY time.  🙂
 One of our favorite memories involve Honey Buns.  Daddy and Antwan (about 3 years old) were hanging out while I was wherever I was.  About 20 minutes before I came home, Antwan had a Honey Bun.  When I came in the door, Antwan immediately (and, I do mean, immediately) came to me with the box and a smile.  I started to say yes, but Brian interjected with “No, no, Antwan just had one.”  And, Antwan looked at his father who he was now ticked off with, put his finger to his mouth, and said “Shhh!”  Then Brian spent the next several minutes thinking that he might actually die from laughing. 🙂

That’s why I always pick up a box or two before trips.  They don’t last through the drive to our location, though, unless I hide them.  Or surprise him… 

He had just found out that I brought Honey Buns along. 🙂

And, that’s why, last year, Santa had the idea of wrapping up 4 boxes of Honey Buns and putting them under the Christmas tree.  I don’t know why Santa didn’t think of that sooner…

Beside himself! 🙂

And, over last weekend when Antwan came into the kitchen with a little piece ripped off his last Honey Bun and said “Here, Mommy.  Here’s a little piece for you since you didn’t get any and this is my last one.”  That’s why I know that he loves me.  He really, really loves me.  Haha. There is no greater proof. 😉

And, I sure do love him.


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