Lizzie Creates Random Recipes And They Are Good

Lizzie loves to cook. She also loves the idea of creating her own recipes. This hasn’t always ended well in the past. But, sometimes it does! She also has spent the last several months taking a cooking class at our homeschool co-op. She has learned a lot but I think she also has impressed them with what she could already do. Because, in a lot of ways, she is a natural.:)

She is sometimes disappointed when she helps me cook and I, gasp, follow a recipe. So, when she found out that I was trying to make a dinner out of what I already had in the kitchen because more than anything else in the world, I wanted to NOT go to the grocery store, she was so on board.

“You’re making your own recipe??? I’ll help!” This was followed by many, many ideas for ingredients.

I already had intended to use my beef, egg noodles and pasta sauce. But, I let her claim the egg noodles idea because she’s cute when she’s proud. 🙂  Next thing I knew, I had agreed to add Spanish yellow rice to the mix. Not only that, but she put me in charge of making the rice and cutting up the garlic while she dealt with the egg noodles and the seasoning.

I reigned her in a bit but not much. And,in the end, it turns out if you combine:

a pound of ground beef,
a bag of egg noodles,
5 ozs of yellow rice,

one 24 oz can of pasta sauce and a third of a second can,
a handful or so of cheddar and mozzarella cheese,
About a third of a garlic clove, diced,
Salt and pepper,
Hot Mexican-style Chili Powder,
Poppy Seeds,
and Ground Tumeric…

you get a pretty yummy dish!

Which is a good thing because we would have had to eat it, regardless. 😉




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