Lizzie Creates Random Recipes And They Are Good

Lizzie loves to cook. She also loves the idea of creating her own recipes. This hasn't always ended well in the past. But, sometimes it does! She also has spent the last several months taking a cooking class at our homeschool co-op. She has learned a lot but I think she also has impressed them with … Continue reading Lizzie Creates Random Recipes And They Are Good

Easy Hungry Jack Casserole

Hungryjack Casserole. My mom started making this when I was in high school, I believe, and it is one of my favorites.  I called her and asked her where she got the recipe. She has no idea so we are going to go came from my great uncle who was always hungry and also … Continue reading Easy Hungry Jack Casserole

Cooking For Lazy People!

I was so determined to have a family and I'm so grateful for it, but it's a little less exciting when it's time to make them dinner. And with four kids, it's super hard to find something that they all like.  But, Beef and Rice Casserole is one of those dishes.  Ok, that's not entirely … Continue reading Cooking For Lazy People!