Riding Horses With My Son

So, I decided to drag William to my horse land. Originally, I was worried that it would be an issue because he has a tendency to toe-walk. This is an issue that has definitely worsened while staying safe at home for so long. Research showed that horseback riding could help with this, though. Ok, my … Continue reading Riding Horses With My Son

I Hate Waking My Son Up

My 13 year old epitomizes the term "heavy sleeper." The worst part of my day has always been any time that I have to wake him up. Homeschool definitely makes that part easier because I can try to let him wake up naturally. Not always, though, because he has been known to sleep all day. … Continue reading I Hate Waking My Son Up

My Son And His Room

As a mom, finding the balance between my expectations and what the kids can reasonably be expected to do is a constant struggle. Of course, this is not just a mom thing. It's a Dad thing or any kind of caregiver thing. Really, it's a thing for anyone who has to ever deal with other … Continue reading My Son And His Room

No Secret Sisters For Me!

So, recently, a friend posted a Secret Sister invite on her facebook page. Like many others, I was enticed by the idea of 6-36 presents. I'm not gonna lie, I am pro-present. I absolutely love getting presents. Now to be fair, I also love giving presents so it's not that I'm selfish or anything like … Continue reading No Secret Sisters For Me!

Lizzie Creates Random Recipes And They Are Good

Lizzie loves to cook. She also loves the idea of creating her own recipes. This hasn't always ended well in the past. But, sometimes it does! She also has spent the last several months taking a cooking class at our homeschool co-op. She has learned a lot but I think she also has impressed them with … Continue reading Lizzie Creates Random Recipes And They Are Good

I Thought Lizzie Would Never Ride A Bike

For years, I've been wanting Lizzie to learn to ride a bike. Because a kid should know how to ride a bike, right? She has almost always had a bike, from the time she was three.   Once her bikes stopped coming with training wheels, she stopped coming with interest. She enjoyed it when I … Continue reading I Thought Lizzie Would Never Ride A Bike

Easy Hungry Jack Casserole

Hungryjack Casserole. My mom started making this when I was in high school, I believe, and it is one of my favorites.  I called her and asked her where she got the recipe. She has no idea so we are going to go with....it came from my great uncle who was always hungry and also … Continue reading Easy Hungry Jack Casserole

I Wasn’t Ready For My Close Up.

So, I was at little Walmart as we call it.  (The one with just the food.)  It was an uncommon solo trip and as I was minding my own business, scanning my items, I looked up and I saw it!  A mirror!  An unforgiving mirror staring right back at me.  I was already aware that I wasn't my … Continue reading I Wasn’t Ready For My Close Up.


#momguilt I knew since I was a kid that I wanted to be a mom.  By young adulthood, I had gathered that it wasn't going to be easy.  But, like most people who aren't actually parents yet, I had all the answers.  I could see the mistakes that the moms around me made and I … Continue reading #MomGuilt

Does My Daughter Feel Different?

I read a lot about how different transracially adopted kids can feel and it always makes me worry.  I like to think that it's not that big of a deal, but I'm sure that's a bit of denial talking.  You only have to clink a link on the internet to find a story about how hard it … Continue reading Does My Daughter Feel Different?