Week Recap! Convention Bound

Welcome to my week’s recap and coffee share hosted by Natalie the Explorer This was actually a pretty lousy week. I don’t know, maybe mercury was in retrograde or something. I don’t really understand what that means but I know people say it a lot. My daughter ran down my car battery. My job got … Continue reading Week Recap! Convention Bound

A Geeky House Makeover

Brian is a man who needs a hobby. When he comes home from work after a day of dealing with customers who are often less than polite, he wants to be mentally stimulated. I guess he needs to know that he is something besides Brian the store manager. Now me, after a day of momming and … Continue reading A Geeky House Makeover

Sharing Is Caring-Especially If Honey Buns Are Involved.

Brian loves The Beatles.  I love Batman.  Kaleb loves basketball.  William loves Doctor Who.  Lizzie loves animals.  And Antwan, he loves Honey Buns.  There is no truer statement in the world than this.  He really loves Honey Buns and always has.  I wish that I could remember the first time that he tried one.  If I had known how much … Continue reading Sharing Is Caring-Especially If Honey Buns Are Involved.

Exposing My Kids To Their Culture.

When you adopt transracially, the concern about whether you can adequately expose your children to their black culture and educate them on what it's like to be black in America is a valid one.  I have read that many families have chosen to move to more "black" areas, thus making themselves the minority, instead of … Continue reading Exposing My Kids To Their Culture.

He Has One Mom—Me.

Sometimes, I'm jealous of people with biological children.  Not because I wish that I had biological children instead of my (adopted) children.  But, because I sometimes wish that I could wave a magic wand and make my kids biological.  Occasionally, I get tired of having to explain my family to the well-meaning masses.   When I … Continue reading He Has One Mom—Me.

What People Think Of Us

"I think you're amazing!" she said as the others agreed.  I was sitting in a meeting at the kids' school.  They had done some assessments on the boys and I was there to learn whether or not they thought that they thought that they could give them extra help.  I thanked them and gave a little … Continue reading What People Think Of Us

The Unwanted Facebook Connections Continue…

If you've been wondering what happened after the bio facebook request, your wait is over.... 😉 And, if you don't know what I'm talking about, here you go. http://www.the5parkers.com/2013/09/six-degrees-of-facebook-separation.htmlSo, after I moved on past the crying and freaking out (well, the crying, anyway), we decided to be proactive. The night that the biological mother made … Continue reading The Unwanted Facebook Connections Continue…

Being Adopted Is Cool

So, we’ve had Patrick with us for a couple of weeks.  We’ve taken a trip to Tennessee, we’ve had futuristic talks, I’ve refereed arguments, I’ve promised him an allowance, and I’ve hugged him a lot.  There are so many different things that I want to tell you about.  But, before all that, we had the … Continue reading Being Adopted Is Cool

Mommy, Can We Keep My Brother?

A few days before Patrick was scheduled to leave, Lizzie looked at me, and asked "Are we going to keep Patrick?"I don't even know what I said.  I was too busy emotionally reacting and unsure of what in the world my response should be.Then when I let her know, the night before, that we were … Continue reading Mommy, Can We Keep My Brother?

Christmas With A Full-er House, part 1

Before we got back in contact with Patrick, we heard many things; all from the people who adopted him.  Among other things, we were told that he’s an undiagnosed sociopath, he has RADD, he has no connection to his adoptive parents, and he’s likely to always be in an institution.   After spending a challenging two weeks … Continue reading Christmas With A Full-er House, part 1