No Secret Sisters For Me!

So, recently, a friend posted a Secret Sister invite on her facebook page. Like many others, I was enticed by the idea of 6-36 presents. I’m not gonna lie, I am pro-present. I absolutely love getting presents. Now to be fair, I also love giving presents so it’s not that I’m selfish or anything like that. I just dig presents, all around.  Anyway, in previous years, I haven’t participated because I was afraid that I couldn’t be trusted to go through the whole process of buying a gift, buying a box and going to the post office. You see, I’m pro-presents but I’m not pro-hassle. But, as it points out in the post, it’s a “Hello, amazon!” society now. I realized that I could definitely commit to sitting in my recliner and clicking “proceed to checkout.” So, I commented “I’m in!”

Of course, I soon found out that I was obligated to re-post the invite on my page. So, I did. But, not before getting my 10 year old daughter on board. I planned to post one on my behalf and one on her behalf. Then I would help her pick a gift for her secret sister and enjoy watching her get gifts, too. That’s something that I also am in favor of, seeing Lizzie happy. But, once I reposted, this positive diversion in a sea of negativity became just another negative.
Because everyone said it was a scam.
When I saw my notifications after I re-posted, I was excited to see all of my future “secret sisters,” but instead I got one person who wanted to play along and a few others warning me that it was a scam. While I was truly appreciative that my friends had my back, I was disappointed. And after reading the article that one person shared, I still wasn’t particularly swayed. I wasn’t worried about identity theft since I was only giving out my address. Anyone could find that out, honestly. And, my friend who posted the secret sister invite assured me that her friend (the original poster for this particular exchange) does it every year and it always goes well.
Determined, I scammed on because I wasn’t going to leave my own Secret Sister hanging. She was waiting for her gift and a gift she would get! Plus, I had my one friend/cousin who still wanted to play along! Well, at least, until she re-posted and got all the warnings from her friends, too. Ha, figures.
So, my concerned friends have guaranteed that I won’t receive any of the promised presents because it stops with me and my name will never be added to the list. It’s not really that big of a deal, just a bit of a bummer. Not the lack of a present, necessarily, just the lack of fun. Well, maybe a little bit the lack of present. haha. Not long after, I mentioned to my friend, who originally got me going on this secret sister almost adventure, that if I did get a present, I was just gonna give it to my daughter because I didn’t want her disappointed. And, guess who magically got a secret sister present just a couple days later??  Yep, even though, her name was never officially on any list, Lizzie got a gift!  And, then the next day and the day after that!
The Secret Sister gift exchange may be a scary chain letter, pyramid scheme to some, but to my daughter, it was an unexpected pack of socks “all with cats on them!” (“How did she know that I like cats??”). And it was a cat coloring book. And it was a ridiculously cute Fingerling toy.

So, I call it a success. 🙂

Thank you, Lizzie’s secret sister, otherwise known as Jessica, and your sister helpers, you made her week!


And, please, I beg you, no more links of articles or ominous warnings. I’m not going to be arrested for re-posting a chain letter or lose my identity because my church friend’s mutual friend knows my address. And true, I’m not going to get any gifts (so thanks for that, haha). But, I am going to go look for another happy diversion and borrow my sweet girl’s socks when she’s not looking. 😉
*Disclaimer: My blase’ take on this would not be quite so blase’ if some random person who I don’t know wanted me to send a stranger a present. That might be weird…

*Second disclaimer: Don’t stop looking out for me, friends of mine. There’s no telling what I’ll get myself involved in next week! 😉

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