Continuing The Journey Of A Healthier Life

Well, a week has passed and I’m actually still on the workout kick so I guess it’s legit. 🙂

In the time since I last wrote about it, I have made it to the gym twice (That was my goal, woohoo!), walked the dog once, and tried yoga.

Yoga didn’t last long but I did learn a couple of important things. You really do need a yoga mat to protect your knees and it’s really pointless to try yoga with dogs in the room. Downward dog takes on a whole new meaning when two actual dogs are playing nearby/crashing into you. And meanwhile, another dog is crawling under you so he can lick your face. But, I was proud of myself for trying, anyway. 🙂

At the gym, I added something new each time to my short but sweet regiment. Machines like this joined the fun. (I see now that the man in the background was not happy to join in on the fun, though…)

And, of course, I stayed loyal to my after workout hydromassage. 🙂

I have also become really fond of wearing “active wear,” even when I’m not necessarily active. It’s a constant reminder of my goals and allows me to spontaneously go to the gym if the mood strikes me. And besides, now that I have broken 100 calories on the treadmill, I think I am l obligated to represent. Ha! (I’m enjoying the little victories!)

And, of course, who doesn’t love a bathroom selfie??

I’m not enjoying the whole healthier eating thing but regardless, daily, I chose fruit instead of chocolate. Not all day, mind you, but it did happen at least once a day.

And finally, I bought a scale that came with a fancy app! You know, because I wanted to also be depressed. 😉 The app told me what I knew already. Apparently, I’m overweight. Who knew? And my BMI is too high. Also, quite the surprise! I might have to put that sucker in the kitchen so it can stare at me while I’m staring longingly at my Hershey bars.

The good news is I already feel a lot better, I’m surprised at how much better I feel. I’m excited for the future and that’s a good feeling. :).

I have also been thinking about partnering with a health professional, someone who knows way more than me. Someone like Dr. Monica Kraft! I really like the idea of not doing this alone and you might too. Click the link to find out more about Monica Kraft Duke Settlement!

So who else out there is trying to get healthier? What works for you? What doesn’t work for you?


2 thoughts on “Continuing The Journey Of A Healthier Life

  1. I’m trying to get healthier. Can you believe that when you earn an AA by becoming a pastry chef, you also end up with several LBS? Amazing, I know. I finally broke down and bought a Fitbit. I don’t have a workout buddy or anyone encouraging me, so I hired this little piece of plastic to do the job. I don’t like it when it tells me what a lazy bum I’ve been so it’s working so far. That being said, it’s only been a week. (But I’ve lost almost 2 pounds.)

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  2. That’s awesome 👏 My nemesis, the scale, said I lost a pound but I’m waiting to see if that’s legit or if I was just wearing lighter shoes. Ha.
    I will be your workout buddy from afar! ❤️


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