My Son Moved Back Home

So awhile ago, I wrote an angsty post about my oldest son moving out. Neither one of us handled it well and it caused a lot of hurt feelings on my end. It’s all the proverbial water under the bridge now, though. And everything is just fine between us.

I always figured that at some point, he would move back in. I mean, I think it’s a rule that kids have to move back in with their parents at some point, isn’t it? I didn’t expect it to be quite so soon, though. But, nevertheless, I got a text the other day, asking if it was ok if he “crashed with us for a couple of days.” He apparently tested the strictness of the no-pet policy and found out that they indeed meant it. So a few days later, he moved back into our garage. (Ironically, and sadly, without his dog that got him kicked out because the dog went missing.)

It’s nice to have Kaleb back and to see the little reminders of his existence that he leaves for me around the house.

Like unfinished drinks….

and his shorts on the floor from a shower that he took a few days ago. 🤣🤷‍♀️


I don’t know how long he will stay. I do know, though, that it will be more than a couple of days. Seeing as it’s already been a week. 😆

And that’s ok. ❤️

I’m trying really hard to remember to appreciate the time with my oldest. I’m reminding myself to stop and listen when he talks and just be in the moment. Because it won’t last forever. So I’m going to enjoy my sweet and a bit messy son while I can. 😊


3 thoughts on “My Son Moved Back Home

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