I Don’t Think We Are Doing Distance Learning Right

I’m sitting in my dining room with my kids, watching them sort of do their work. Who can blame them? It’s hard to concentrate on this work at home. It’s not interesting or stimulating. Distance learning is not ideal, but it’s what we’ve got.

One kid is watching a random video on his phone while he watches an assigned video of chapel. (His random video is about geography, which fascinates him. It’s hard to get mad about the fact that he is self-educating.)

My daughter is googling definitions instead of finding them in her science book.

And another son is composing the world’s longest text to his teacher. (I highly suspect he has moved on to other phone activities.)

And, I only kind of care. I mean, I want them to get their stuff done but I want this crazy time of self-isolation and distance learning to be as easy on them as possible. I know that this will make it harder later when they have to catch up but it beats ranting at them now. And, it’s actually paying off a bit. They are quiet and focused. Ok, maybe just quiet.


There are a million things that I would rather be doing. Only a fraction of them are options right now. And, somehow, the things that I could do don’t seem like much fun. You know, the things that we finally have time for?

Cleaning the house. Pulling weeds in the front yard. Showering.  I ask you, where is the fun? 🤷‍♀️😂

So, instead, I will sit here in the same outfit as yesterday with my unwashed hair, in the hopes that my presence will help my kids focus. I have my doubts, though, since my daughter just roped me into looking at all the different fonts available on her phone. (There are bunch, by the way.)














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