I Don’t Think We Are Doing Distance Learning Right

I'm sitting in my dining room with my kids, watching them sort of do their work. Who can blame them? It's hard to concentrate on this work at home. It's not interesting or stimulating. Distance learning is not ideal, but it's what we've got. One kid is watching a random video on his phone while … Continue reading I Don’t Think We Are Doing Distance Learning Right

My Kid Looks Young

William looks young for his age. Primarily because of his height.  And everywhere he goes, people make sure to tell him. Every new doctor. Every new teacher. Every new classmate. Man, I wish I was exaggerating. When I was a kid, I was very thin and very insecure about it. And everywhere I went, people … Continue reading My Kid Looks Young

My Daughter Doesn’t Have Self Confidence

We have known for years that Lizzie struggles with self confidence. It’s a mystery how a child who has us wrapped around her finger can have any insecurities but she does. Math, in particular, has always been an issue. She struggled with it when she was in elementary school, when she was homeschooled, and now. This year, the … Continue reading My Daughter Doesn’t Have Self Confidence

What About My Son?

It's been an eventful bunch of months. I adjusted to working outside the home, weathered motherhood, and had countless moments of self reflection. Blah blah blah, I lived. I got wrapped up in it. This is just the obligatory explanation that I feel compelled to make after not blogging for so long. I (we) also … Continue reading What About My Son?

My Son Ran Away. But, He Came Back. Now What?

It was kind of a strange summer. It started with me trying to appropriately discipline Kaleb and ended with me feeling like I lost a son and gained a roommate. You see, Kaleb ended the year with a D in Geometry.  And, unfortunately, it wasn't a case of him not understanding the material, he just didn't do the … Continue reading My Son Ran Away. But, He Came Back. Now What?

Bad Situations Lead To Bad Choices.

I don't even know how to write this.  Living as someone who is often amazed that my life is what it is, I'm even more amazed now.  But, this time, not in a good way.William.  We've worried about him so much over the years.  We've watched him struggle and we've watched him succeed.  Sometimes, we've been so … Continue reading Bad Situations Lead To Bad Choices.

What People Think Of Us

"I think you're amazing!" she said as the others agreed.  I was sitting in a meeting at the kids' school.  They had done some assessments on the boys and I was there to learn whether or not they thought that they thought that they could give them extra help.  I thanked them and gave a little … Continue reading What People Think Of Us