From Stray To Loved, A Book Review

So I read a book by Pamela Schloesser Canepa! From Stray to Loved is a quick and enjoyable read about the imagined origin story of her rescue dog, Bixby.  Pamela’s main focus has been in the sci-fi genre with her full-length books that are appropriate for teen and up. But, this time, she changed gears when she found herself wondering what Bixby’s life was like before she and her family adopted him.

It is hard for me to get into books lately, I love to read but my mind is so busy and aware of all the “adulting” that I should probably be doing. So I find it difficult to let myself get sucked into a book, even though, I really do love to read. That’s why this 57 page book was the perfect length for me. It was immediately intriguing and I read it in one sitting (with minimal kid and animal interruptions!).

From Stray To Loved introduces us to several interesting characters that Bixby met along the way. Some were nice and others, not so nice but they all moved the plot along and were stepping stones to his happy ending. It was fun to experience it all through Bixby’s eyes. Pamela managed to make it believable that the reader was inside her dog’s mind. And even though, I knew that Bixby would ultimately be ok, I still worried for him through the story.

So if you have a soft spot for animals, check out Pamela’s newest book, From Stray To Loved! You can find it on here on amazon in paperback form or for your kindle. And make sure to check out her website for more info on her other books, her blog and all things Pamela Schloesser Canepa!


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