Children’s Book Review: Wizard And The Lizard Wacky Weather

We all wish that we could control things around us. No one is a stranger to having plans derailed by circumstances out of your control. So, it wasn’t hard to relate to the struggle of Wizard and Buddy in this new book by Katie Reed. “Wizard and the Lizard Wacky Weather” is her second children’s book about Wizard and his lizard friend, Buddy.

Katie Reed has a passion for storytelling and her dream is to share those stories with children everywhere. She has worked with kids throughout her career and has a bachelor’s degree in communications and a minor in family and human development.


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With her dream in mind, Katie wrote a lighthearted story about these two friends who just wanted to go have a picnic. But, the weather wasn’t cooperating. So Wizard tried use magic to make the weather cooperate. And, naturally, hi-jinks ensued.

In the end, Wizard and Buddy learned that you can’t always control everything. Sometimes, you just have to accept things as they are.

Story Time!

I have no little ones to read the book to. My kids are teenagers and not so into story time, anymore. So I read the book to a couple of kittens.Β  I’m not sure that they learned any lessons but they still seemed to enjoy it. 😁



But, as a person who has read countless books to human kids, through the years, I can say this; it was fun to read. The rhyming and the word choices rolled off my tongue. And every parent, babysitter, older sibling, etc, knows that if you read a book to a child, you might be committing to reading the book like a million more times. So, it’s a big perk that it is pleasant to read. 😊

Art Time!

And look at this cute coloring sheet! You can get this and others on Katie’s website at

[005] Coloring Page (3)


Go Buy It!

Katie’s book is available here on amazon. And while you’re there, be sure to grab her first book, too! “Wizard And The Lizard” also has an important message. Be proud of who you are. I can’t think of anything more important to teach our children. Or in my case, kittens. πŸ˜‚





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