Sisters, Toilet Paper And The Monkees

Last weekend, Brian and I went to see The Monkees. It was pretty awesome.

And during intermission, I headed for the bathroom. As I was waiting in line, I heard a woman saying that the bathroom was out of paper towels. Then as she walked past the line, she said repeatedly, to warn everyone “no paper towels!”

I joked to the other women in line “As long as there’s toilet paper, I’m good.”

They laughed. Phew, I guess I’m funny! As we continued to wait, a few different people also said, “No paper towels!” And because, apparently, I fancied myself quite the comedian, I joked “Wow, they are really upset about this paper towel situation.”

We all laughed, in agreement. And when I got around the corner, a couple women were pulling toilet paper out from under the sink to dry their hands. This seemed like overkill, but you do you, ladies. Meanwhile, another was handing toilet paper under the stall door to someone.

No Toilet Paper

Ironically, once I got in the bathroom stall, I realized that I wasn’t in fact “good” because I didn’t have toilet paper. Ugh!

I yelled out, asking if anyone could help and the girl in the next stall stuck a wad of toilet paper under the door, I thanked her profusely and she said “We have to take care of each other, right?

I agreed and finished my business.

When I left the stall, another woman rushed in and I told her there was only a tiny bit of paper, then I remembered the tp under the sink, got it for her and sent in under,

It was nothing, It was an easy way to help. Not just my action, but the whole thing. It was just this simple obvious series of paper related events by some nice women.

I left the bathroom, feeling good. Also amused. But, mostly just really, really good. Sometimes it’s the little things that restore your faith a bit.

By making sure that everyone left the bathroom with dry hands and…other parts; we really did take care of each other. It’s easy to forget that people are actually pretty awesome but they are. When the chips were down or in my case, my pants, haha, those people were each other’s superheroes! And we could all get back to The Monkees!


2 thoughts on “Sisters, Toilet Paper And The Monkees

  1. Great post! I had no idea the Monkees were still performing. I was a huge fan in the early 70’s. I agree that most people are very kind when given a chance to help someone in need. Being out of TP in a public bathroom is a big deal. Happy you were helped and that you could immediately pay it forward.


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