The Jacksonville Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

There’s more to do in Jacksonville than some realize. It’s me, I’m the some. Because last weekend, I discovered the Arboretum! Apparently, I was the last one to discover it because everyone who I mentioned it to had either been there or was aware of its existence. But, just in case…hey, you should check out the arboretum!

Now before I go further, let me give my disclaimer! Having never had a puppy before, I didn’t realize that taking one this young to an arboretum wasn’t a good idea until he has had all of his shots (he’s had one round so far). I won’t go again until it’s safer. So, no need to tell me, haha. Just enjoy the pretty pictures! 🙂

It really was so pretty, just so pretty. The trees, the flowers, the water, the nature. So pretty!

As soon as we arrived, I felt at peace and away from all the stressors of life. That was nice while it lasted. 😄

I met a friend there (who didn’t know my pup was so young so she is in the clear, too!) and we walked the trails, met other dogs and my boy got lots of socialization opportunities!

Somewhere in the middle, there are picnic tables. I made a mental note to bring the kids sometime for a picnic lunch. Even though, I am fully aware that there will be much protesting. At least, they will get some fresh air as they complain!

But, seriously, if you are local or visiting and you are looking for a little inner peace, check out the Arboretum. 😃

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