Another Day In The Life, A Poem

I was inspired to write a poem after reading this one by Pooja I used to love to write poetry but haven’t in years. So please be gentle, haha😁

I hear my son before I open my eyes,
He is bonding virtually with someone across the country.
And I realize another day has begun. 
I stay still in my bed so as not to alert the natives. 
Otherwise, known as my dogs.
For this moment, the day is mine and the possibilities are endless. 
But I know when I step out of my room, 
the responsibilities will consume me and the possibilities will dwindle. 
This existence I have created is not my own and yet it is how I am defined. 
There is no escape 
and there is no respite. 
But there is love and maybe that’s enough.


3 thoughts on “Another Day In The Life, A Poem

  1. Absolutely loved the poem, so glad you decided to write it and glad mine inspired you. Yes, those few moments when we wake up before the day really begins are so blissful. But even a tough day is okay when we have love.

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