How To Manage Your Post Con Depression

Depression. Seasonal depression. Manic depression. There are so many different kinds. But, they all stink. For me, right now, it’s Post Con Depression. Yes, it’s a thing. You see, when you go to a convention, you are insulated in this bubble of people who get you. We might have different fandoms but we all are there because we love what we love. You are not judged for wearing a costume, you are celebrated for it. You establish quick bonds and you feel 100% accepted for who you are. It’s pretty amazing.

And then you come home. And no one gets it.

You have to explain what you did and who you met And sometimes you have to then explain who the people you met are. And while, you will take any excuse to talk about it and love that they want to hear about it, it’s impossible for them to really understand.

The real world is suddenly way too real and it is truly an adjustment.

This time it hit me hard. I built up going to Megacon and focused all my energy on it. (Meeting Steve Burns) No regrets, by the way! But I felt a bit lost after. I expected that but it’s still been difficult. Since I came home, everything has felt like a struggle and I just felt empty.

Depression Is A Real Thing

From Anime cons , “Post Con Depression is a very real mental condition brought on by the special demands that a convention can put on your body. During the convention, your body uses serotonin. After the convention, the lower levels of serotonin in your body can cause depression until your body has time to produce more. This can take several days.”

As I have tried to get through, I have found little ways to help myself make it through the days until it was easier which, thankfully, it now is.

These (hopefully) helpful tips could apply to any kind of depression. Because depression of some kind is one thing that everyone in this real world can relate to, unfortunately.

Let Yourself Off The Hook

If you have to cancel plans, then cancel them. Sometimes, doing the best you can equals not doing much at all. And that’s ok. Now there are things that you can’t cancel. There are some obligations that you are obliged to see through. But, sometimes, if you need to take a break, it’s ok.

I like to schedule in my breaks. I do this even when I’m feeling like I’m at the top of the world. Because I know that I need that downtime. But, it’s especially helpful when things are a bit rocky for you. So feed your dogs and your kids. Get the trash out and then take your scheduled break. For me, there’s nothing I like better than laying in my bed and watching tv. I will tell my kids that I’m taking a break and watching one show. Most of the time, they respect it. Ok, some of the time, they respect it.

Get Outside

We all need our vitamin D. This is a fact. The sun also helps with your mood. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I started to feel better when the rain that we had for days finally went away. (At least for awhile.) When I’m feeling my lowest, I go outside and sit in my swing. I might play on my phone or talk to my chickens. But sometimes, I close my eyes and feel the world around me. I feel the sun, listen to the kids playing on the playground, etc. It levels me out and helps me cope with everything else.

Do Something You Love

What makes you feel alive? Is it cooking? Writing? Dancing? Whatever it is, do it. If it’s music, turn it up! If it’s silence, put on noise cancelling headphones. But, do it. And bonus points if it’s exercise because that’s good for your mental health under any circumstance!

For me, it’s usually music. I’ll ask Alexa to play some of my favorite music and I will dance. I’ll dance like no one’s watching and with any luck, no one will. But six people live in this house so odds are not in my favor.

Take On One Small Task

Trust me, you will feel a little less depressed if you accomplish something. One little thing more than what you absolutely have to do. This week, I wasn’t proud that I managed to feed my cats but I was proud that I dusted my many knick-knacks on my hutch. But, I didn’t do them all at once, mind you. I took on one section at a time. And it felt good.

But there is no shame in then crawling back into break time.

Plan Your Next Event

Currently, I’m trying to focus on the next convention that I’m hoping to go to which is DragonCon. So I’m watching the guest list, planning my costumes, and promising myself that this time I will wear more comfortable shoes. This can work for most kinds of depressions, though. Plan a trip or an activity that you would normally enjoy. It might feel like a lot for you right now but it might pay off in the end. It might shift your focus enough to bring you out of it.

I don’t know, maybe these are common sense ideas. When I look at them now, they do seem obvious. But last week, when I was feeling low and depressed, it didn’t seem so clear so maybe this will help someone out there. And just in case you’re not sure, your feelings are valid. Depression doesn’t always make sense but it’s real. You have to go through it to get through it and no trick or tip will completely cure it. But, it’s worth a try! Also, it’s ok to seek medical help if you need it. No one said you have to do this alone. I did, years ago. You can read about it here…We All Need Mental Health Help Sometimes

Finally, remember that all problems are temporary, even though they don’t feel that way. Even if your tunnel is long, there will eventually be a light. And if you encounter another tunnel, well, that one will eventually end, too! But, until you get there, don’t forget to keep that self-talk positive, be kind to yourself and hug your pet if you have one. If you don’t have one, maybe you should get one…😁

Do you struggle with your mental health? Do you have any tips to share? Please share them if you do!

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11 thoughts on “How To Manage Your Post Con Depression

  1. As a retired nurse who specialized in psychiatry for a few years, I’d say that your suggestions to combat mild depression are excellent. I must note though, that there isn’t an end in sight for all forms of depression. Sadly, I witnessed many severe, incurable cases over the course of my career. It’s still good to give encouragement, Emily, and your post has certainly done this. I’m looking forward to reading about your next Con adventure. These things are all new to me.

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  2. Your “This WorkCon Sucks” pic gave me a good laugh! Is it weird that I have the opposite of this? Like post-con relief? Once it’s done, I’m drained and like, oh good that’s all over now I can focus on something new. But first I must relax, not think about putting on any makeup and recharge.

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