How To Make Simple Mother’s Day Tea Sandwiches

I don't know how you will be spending your Mother's day but I'm going to spend mine, making my family eat sandwiches with me! Not just sandwiches but sandwiches with herbs and edible flowers, like Impatiens! Hopefully, this isn’t all that we will do together because this is a quick activity but, still, I am … Continue reading How To Make Simple Mother’s Day Tea Sandwiches

Adoptive Mothers Are Just Mothers.

I’ve been seeing a lot of mothers’ day posts going around.  Well, really, I have seen two.  I just keep seeing them.  One is asking moms to post a picture of their pregnancy, their infant children and their children now.  The other is a survey about the delivery and birth of their first child.  I … Continue reading Adoptive Mothers Are Just Mothers.

Kaleb Should Be In Pictures.

Life is strange.  And, adopting children can be strange.  (Much like giving birth to them can be.)  Adopting a teenager is definitely strange.   Because it totally goes against all of the laws of nature...whatever that means.  I could write a book about all the challenges involved and why it's so much harder to start with an … Continue reading Kaleb Should Be In Pictures.