We Don’t Give Up On Family

My mom died. But this is not a blog post about that directly because I just can’t. Or you will see me ugly crying through the screen and nobody wants that. Because even the word “devastated,” doesn’t accurately define how I (and my family) are feeling.

This is about the unintentional final gift from my mom. A pleasant side effect so to speak.

You see, when my mom was admitted into the hospital with Pneumonia, I was at at odds with Kaleb. I knew that things would eventually be ok but I wasn’t feeling like eventually was any time soon. But then my mom was in the hospital and she wasn’t doing well. And nothing else mattered.

So I texted him. I told him that she was in the hospital, she wasn’t doing well and he should probably go see her. I told him the room number and left it at that. I wasn’t surprised when he said he would because he does love his Grandma. But, I didn’t say anything to my mom because I wasn’t positive that he would follow through.

But he did. 🙂

I’m not going to lie, I was relieved that I wasn’t there at the time. Just because I was just a little nervous about seeing him after everything that went down. But, at the same time, everything that seemed important about our conflict didn’t seem to matter anymore. The only thing that mattered was my mom and showing her that we all loved her.

And I think he felt the same because he actually apologized to me. I mean, not for all of it, ha, but for some of it. But, it meant everything to me. I thanked him and it’s basically business as usual.

And bonus, Kaleb got a puppy. Impulsively acquiring dogs is my thing so I guess I’m a little proud of my influence. Sort of. haha.

He came back to see my mom one more time. When it was almost over and she was asking to see everyone. She was in a morphine haze when he came to see her and he sat there uncomfortably. I told her that he was there and I believe that she knew he was.


Not too long ago, my mom told me that “we don’t give up on family.”

I would give anything in the world to have been reminded of that in a different way but I can’t change what happened. So thank you, Mom, for reminding me what really matters.

She was right then and she was right last week. Family, in whatever it’s form, is everything.



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