Emily’s Deal Of The Week

CVS has a great deal this week on these household items. Spend $30 on these participating items and you get $10 in rewards back.

Each of these products have coupons coming out tomorrow in the Sunday paper. Hit The Dollar Tree to purchase that paper for only a $1. (Get there early because they sell out fast!)

Here’s an example of one way to work the deal (and the one I will be taking advantage of tomorrow!)

Tide, 92 ozs - 11.94                                                                       Coupon from Sunday paper - $3.00 off.                     =$8.94.                                                                                          

Tide Pods - $4.94. Coupon from Sunday paper - $1.00 off. =$3.94.

Pantene - 3/$15. Coupon from Sunday paper- $5.00 off on 3. =3/$10.

—Total of $31.88 before discounts, earning you the $10 in rewards.
—With discounts, you pay $22.88
—With the $10 in rewards, it’s like getting it all for $10.88!

Mix it up how you want, just make sure you spend $30 (before the discounts)!

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