Self-Care And Teenagers

Life is never simple. The stress and the obligations never end. Adulting is completely over-rated. And this is why it’s super important to find the fun when you can and find opportunities to relax. And that’s just what I was trying to do after grocery shopping the other day. It had started pouring rain just as I was leaving the grocery store and by the time I got home, I was wet and frustrated and I needed some self-care.

As soon as I got home, I threw all the groceries in the microwave (ie: safe from the cats), toasted a couple of pop-tarts, grabbed a soda and rushed upstairs. I texted my husband who was downstairs and said I’d be hiding upstairs for a few minutes, having a snack.

Here Comes My Son Again

As I sat there, trying to emotionally recover from being cold and wet, my 14 year old son came in. He was telling me how excited he was that his comics are uploaded to whatever website they get uploaded to and that he could read them now.

Then he asked “What are you watching?”

I looked at the tv that was on the screensaver and said “Nothing, I was just having a snack in the quiet because I was feeling hungry and cranky.”

As I’m saying this, I’m watching him climb into my bed, like he did when he was a baby, and cover himself up with a blanket. He was soon demonstrating how he could connect his tablet to the tv. He explained that we could read the one (just one!) comic together. (He didn’t do that when he was a baby.)

It was pretty obvious that self-care time was over.

But, then I remembered that my teenager who spends most of his time in his bedroom talking to his friends on-line wanted to spend time with me. So, I decided to soak it up.

The Days Are Long But The Years Are Short

I spend a lot of time reflecting on the moment when I’m in the moment and remembering that time is fleeting. It makes the happy moments a little sad so I kind of wish I didn’t do that. But, I also am glad that I recognize the importance of them. Is that a double edged sword? I don’t know. I just know I had some quality time with Antwan today.

So I sat and listened as he read the word bubbles to me in our one story that we were reading together.

And THREE comic book episodes/chapters/I have no idea what they are called later, we somehow ended up reading a whole new one about some kind of warrior and a bunny. Warrior and a bunny? Again, I don’t know. All I know is I was reading the part of Warrior and he was reading the part of Bunny. Hey, we were acting! And, you know what, it was fun.

Being the angry warrior to my son’s meek bunny was the absolute highlight of my day. Brian’s ziti was a close second….

Teen Mom

It’s so weird being a mom of teens. You go from wanting some time to yourself to begging them to spend time with you (except when you’re eating a pop-tart). Like anything else in life, you need to appreciate what you have. And when I have my baby boy (because that’s all I see when I look at him) cuddled in bed with me; oh, I appreciate the heck out of that.


2 thoughts on “Self-Care And Teenagers

  1. Great read and a good reminder to savour those moments. I’m long past raising a teenager, but I can relate to everything you’ve said. When I used to get home from work and our teenage daughter would be needy for my attention, I’d plead with her to just give me a few minutes to “get home from work”. Our daughter has since told me that she has more than once, caught herself saying those exact words to her teenagers, and thought, “Oh no! I’m my Mom!” 😉

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