Meeting Steve Burns

Steve Burns. I met Steve Burns! You know, the guy from Blue’s Clues? The original? The guy who paved the way? The guy who graced our screens with green stripes from 1996-2002? Yes, that guy! And he was everything that I hoped he would be. I mean, he didn’t ask me to abandon my family and run away with him so that was a bummer. But beyond that, he didn’t let me down.

Steve Burns of Blue’s Clues

I didn’t grow up on Blue’s Clues. I was a nanny when he was on the air. Lucky for me, the kiddo who I took care of, loved the show, too. As we both helped Steve find clues, I felt every bit as connected to him as Jack did, but clearly in a different way.

I had a crush. A ridiculous crush.

While kids were finding clues, I was admiring his acting and his ability to make us feel like he was truly talking to us. And more importantly, listening.

Now I’m not sure how to write this post in a way that won’t make me sound a little crazy but I’m gonna try!

I learned everything that I could about the man behind the green stripes. I read all the articles. I watched the videos. I listened to his daily affirmations on-line. There was always a kindness about him that seeped through the screen and into my heart. Too much? I don’t really care, haha

I’m Going To Meet Steve

So when I found out that he was coming to Megacon, I couldn’t have been more excited. I mean, it was impossible.

I felt like my whole life was leading up to this event. Of all the people I would like to meet, he was at the absolute top. And while, I logically understood that it would be brief and I would be one of many, I still put everything I had into it.

I changed my whole lifestyle for this event. I got healthier, started going to the gym, lost weight, ate better foods. Gave up my sodas! Got some dental work done. And learned how to wear contacts! That was the biggest achievement and you can read why here.

Of course, through the process of becoming a healthier me, I felt very empowered and so much better, all around. So it ended up being a good thing that he was coming, for many reasons. Read about my experience and advice here!

The Time Had Come

Finally, it was Megacon weekend and I was ready. I was down 15 pounds and fit easily into my outfits for the weekend.

And I met Steve.

I don’t want to do too much gushing about how I fan-girled but I will tell you what you want to know, Steve Burns is a nice guy. He is as nice as Steve from Blue’s Clues but he doesn’t have as much trouble finding clues.

Quick Breakdown Of The Weekend!

I had three encounters with him. Well, three and a half, if you count the panel! Anyway, I had pre-purchased two autographs for two different days because I was determined to get my money’s worth. I also had three themed outfits because I was letting my fan-girl flag fly!

Thankfully, my photo op was first thing in the morning on Saturday. My make-up was fresh, my hair was shockingly on-point, and I was only a little nauseaous. As I waited in line, I could barely take it and when I saw him the first time, my smile was so big that it distracted him from his current photo. Not to suggest that he was enamored by me, just that I was making a spectacle of myself.

When it was my turn, he looked at my shirt that said “Steve is proud of me” and he said “I AM proud of you.”

And I died.

A picture from Megacon of Steve Burns and me

The pic was over in seconds and he was on to the next person but it was everything that I could have hoped for. And there is a decent chance that I cried after. 😂

Crying after meeting Steve Burns

After lunch, I changed and we got in the seemingly endless autograph line. He signed my picture, exchanged some pleasantries, told my husband and I that we looked great and we were on our way. It was also brief but it had to be.

Cosplaying as Blue’s Clues in the Tardis

Next morning was the panel. I annoyed my daughter with my screams and he told wonderful stories. Did you know that he once showed up at a children’s birthday party after seeing the decorations on the mailbox? He had all of his gear in his back seat from a recent “Make A Wish” appearance so he suited up and crashed the party. I mean, can you imagine?

My last autograph was my last event of the convention. This time, my picture with him was less glamorous since it was the end of the day and neither my makeup or hair were on point. But who cares? Right before the pic, he told me that I looked awesome so I felt awesome.

I waited in line for about 3 hours for that moment with him. I stayed in line while he went to do his photo op appointments. When he was gone, I asked the volunteers for confirmation that he would be back. They said, in about 45 minutes (more like an hour and a half). I asked if they knew how long he would be staying because I was worried that he would only come back for awhile. His handler (I assume) said that as far as she knew, he would be staying until the end (the whole con was ending soon). “He hasn’t told me that he’s leaving early, he’s not that kind of celebrity.”

No, he isn’t.

When he came back, I watched him endlessly sign autographs, pose for pics, etc. I saw how tired he looked. When it was my turn, I thanked him for coming back and for hanging in there. I said, he must be tired. And for a moment, he was just a guy talking to me.

He looked at the long line behind me and said “I’m exhausted. I don’t know how I’m going to make it through this line.”

Then before I could get much of a response out, he was back to business, telling me I looked awesome and smiling for my pic.

Picture with Steve Burns and me

Then we got ready to head home. In the blink of an eye, the weekend was over. Well, it was over after we tracked down our boys who had wandered off. But, then we were heading home!

All I can say is that it was a great experience.

Green striped outfit, Steve cosplay

If you have the chance to meet him, do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Thank you, Steve, for being you and for coming to Megacon. You made this former nanny’s heart so happy.


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