Getting In Shape In Your 40’s

I’m back at the gym again. I think I have written posts like this before. But I never could quite figure out how to keep the momentum. It’s been clear to me for awhile that I really needed to take better care of myself. But, I couldn’t get the motivation.

You would think I would have gotten motivated when my rings stopped fitting. Or when I had to start buying larger clothes. Or when I saw any picture of myself. Haha. But instead I stayed in the “I’ll start tomorrow” loop that so many of us find ourselves in. It took something huge to finally inspire me! Something that would be worth the struggle!

It Took Steve Burns

Now I have had a huge, gigantic crush on this man for decades. Ever since I was a nanny and we started watching Blue’s Clues. I developed such a crush that I had moments of borderline madness as I pondered the “obvious” fact that we were clearly meant to be together. But mostly, I recognized it for what it was, a crush.

That didn’t stop me from watching his final episode with my bestie and not with a single child present and it didn’t stop me from borrowing his name for my email address. Sadly, no, Burns is not my maiden name… It also didn’t stop me from using his voice (courtesy of a Steve doll that I still have) on my outgoing answering machine message.

Hi, it’s me Steve….And Emily!”

Yes, I was that obsessed.

Obviously, I have matured and I understand that Brian is my actual soulmate. But, I still think Steve is the bees knees. And I was definitely bitter about the people in California who got to see him at a con, recently. That was until one day when I was casually scrolling through facebook. And I saw it.

Steve Is Coming To Megacon!

The Reaction

I would say my teenager within came out but since I was technically already an adult when I discovered him, it was just me. I told my teenage daughter who definitely didn’t get it that she needed to let me freak out for a minute without trying to shut me up. To her credit, she did.

I then proceeded to scream and squeal like the grown up school-girl that I am.

I texted and called Brian. I texted and called friends. And out-ed myself on facebook as a lunatic with a crush. The lunatic was not new infortmation, though.

Time to do the work!

Anyway, the upshot is that I suddenly am really motivated. I rejoined the gym, got a fancy app, and a fancy water bottle. Because you have to have a fancy water bottle! My niece who has recently started losing a ton of weight has been giving me all kinds of tips. And I feel like I have the tools I need to succeed.

It’s harder in your 40’s. No longer can I work out a bit, cut down a bit and get in better shape. The process has been slower and I have had to work harder. But the idea of liking how I look in that picture with the man of my dreams (too much?) keeps me going.

I’ve been at it for a few weeks so far and I’m finally starting to see the numbers go down on the scale, my clothes are a little looser and I’m feeling a lot better. That is probably the best part. I sure miss my night-time Cherry Coke and Hershey bar but I love feeling healthier and more energetic.

So I’m going to stay the course and hopefully, I will keep making progress, Because there is a man coming to Orlando in 7 weeks who doesn’t know he is going to meet me and will forget me when he leaves. Clearly, I need to do this for him!


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