Ant Eaters by Lola Lariscy

Today, I want to share a short story by Lola Lariscy. Lola loves to write about Science Fiction and is a former podcaster. Like me, Lola is a big fan of all things involving movies, tv shows and books. Lola lives in Jacksonville, FL with her beloved kitties and dogs. Oh and she is also … Continue reading Ant Eaters by Lola Lariscy

How To Manage Your Post Con Depression

Depression. Seasonal depression. Manic depression. There are so many different kinds. But, they all stink. For me, right now, it’s Post Con Depression. Yes, it’s a thing. You see, when you go to a convention, you are insulated in this bubble of people who get you. We might have different fandoms but we all are … Continue reading How To Manage Your Post Con Depression

The Jacksonville Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

There’s more to do in Jacksonville than some realize. It’s me, I’m the some. Because last weekend, I discovered the Arboretum! Apparently, I was the last one to discover it because everyone who I mentioned it to had either been there or was aware of its existence. But, just in case...hey, you should check out … Continue reading The Jacksonville Arboretum & Botanical Gardens