Who Knew Frogs Were So Musical?

So, a couple of weeks ago, Brian told me that his old coworker/current neighbor was planning to drop off his daughter’s old, adorably pink guitar for Lizzie.   I thought that was cool, but, promptly forgot about it.  Until Sunday.

We had spent the weekend at Megacon, being as nerdy as possible.  🙂

Told you!  😉
Then we came back to the “real world,” late on Sunday night and we were totally exhausted.  Brian and I were, anyway.  When he headed to the door, I heard him say, “Oh!”  I anxiously waited to hear what was wrong.  Was an animal hurt?  Was something broken?  Did he drop something? 
But, instead, he comes back and says “Well, it looks like we had a visit from the guitar frog.”
Wait, what?
Then he launched into an explanation about how sometimes when people leave town, they get a visit from the guitar frog.  And, this time, he had brought a guitar for Lizzie!  (That’s when I finally understood what was happening.)  He went on to explain that the frog expects Lizzie to share or he might come and take it back.
The younger three proceeded to share the guitar remarkably well, with the exception of one outburst from Lizzie.
“William?!?!  Share the guitar with Antwan now or the guitar frog will take it!!!!!”   (He then shared right away.)
First, the leprechaun trashed our house on St. Patrick’s Day (who started that crazy tradition, anyway?) and now the guitar frog??
Why didn’t he just say that the neighbor had dropped it off?  This is definitely going to add complication to all future trips and I’m probably going to end up buying 3 more guitars.
But, it is also definitely a reminder of how lucky the kids are to have Brian as a daddy and how lucky I am, too.  🙂


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