Adopted Kids. They’re Just Kids.

Several months ago, I wrote a post where I was all hot and bothered (justifiably so) because a neighborhood kid had teased Kaleb about being adopted. With everything else in his past, he had to feel self-conscious about his “happy ending??”  —–> (

Then, a couple of months later, Lizzie and I, inadvertently, sold Girl Scout cookies to his mom.


I stood there in the street, happily agreeing when she suggested that her boys play with mine.  After all, this is what kids are supposed to do.  But, with all the kids in the neighborhood, mine had somehow managed to not bond with any of them.  And, no other playing together conversations that I had with moms had panned out. 

Through the whole conversation, Kaleb said nothing.  That’s unusual, quite frankly, so I should have known that something was up. 😉   And, when we left, he emphatically said that he was not playing with “that kid.” That’s when he explained that he was the one that gave him a hard time.

Thud.  I agreed, completely.  I wouldn’t put Kaleb in that situation, no matter how much I liked his mom.

While I was busy hoping that nothing would come of it and wondering what I would say to his mom if she did follow up; nature was busy taking its course.  Because, one day, “that kid” came over and my kid, inexplicably, agreed to play.  And, then, he came back, a couple of days after that.  And, then the next day.

Next thing that I know, my driveway is a bit of a hang out area.  (Which I love.)  And, my boys are spending more time outside than inside, on the xbox.  Then, they’re all going down the street to another kid’s house.  Then, there’s 6 or 7 boys playing together.

I haven’t had a conversation with Kaleb about it (although, I suppose that we might after he reads this, haha).  I really didn’t want to jinx anything.  This boy who is in between William and Kaleb, in age, has been nothing but polite to me and has behaved appropriately towards my kids.

So, I guess that my original theory that all people are inherently good still holds true.  Yes, the kid said something crappy.  Hopefully, he realizes that, now.  And, if he had any negative preconceived notions about what adopted kids are like, he’s clearly dropped them.  Now, he probably just believes that adopted kids really like to play basketball,

spray each other with silly string and water guns

and ride scooters.  He probably thinks that, if they are little girls, they like to ride their bikes through their brothers’ make-shift basketball court in the middle of their game and then get really offended if they are called on it.  And that their moms can’t make baskets to save their life when they jump into the game for a moment, in an effort to look like a fun/cool mom. 

As far as stereotypes, those aren’t so bad. 😉

I firmly believe that one of our functions, as a family, is to educate people and raise awareness.  Being a family that is so clearly not biologically created, we have been given that opportunity.  Sometimes, we actively take advantage of this, by answering questions and sharing our story.  But, this time, we didn’t do much, we just did our thing.  Either way, I think the neighbor boy has probably learned a little something; even if he doesn’t quite realize it yet.  And, I know that Kaleb and I did.    We learned to give people a second chance. Because everyone deserves that.


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17 thoughts on “Adopted Kids. They’re Just Kids.

  1. I love your blog, that's wonderful to see a family like that….I live in france, but i'm from mauritius, me and my twin sister, we were adopted at 3 years old (today i'm 32 years old), so my mom and dad are french. And after they adopt a little boy (who's 26 years old today) from haiti. And i find my mauritius family on facebook i see on webcam my real mom, a sister that stay in mauritius, i learn that i had a half brother (who came in france fews years before, and even come to visit my town, but he didn't know it was where i was living, because they didn't know where we were, and they search for us during years), i discover that i a had a big big family in mauritius…but it was too much for me,because they wanted too much, and it was too fast for me, so today, i don't have contact with them anymore. That's my little story. Kiss your children for me, and congratulation to you and your husband, you're wonderful !!


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