The Transition Into Adulthood

My son and I were at odds a lot during the teen years. (Read about those here! My Son And Honesty…Or Lack There Of.) But, still I knew deep down, he loved me. I think. But, I definitely never felt overly respected by him. But, that was until I took him to the eye doctor and I didn’t go in with him. This was the day that he was forced to handle adult things that he usually left to me.

I intended to go with him, of course, but in pandemic world..that’s not always an option. Since he is technically an adult, I was politely but firmly sent to go wait in the car. This was totally understandable but still this was my son’s first time being independent in a doctor’s office. So I went to the car, obviously worrying.

Adulting For The First Time

It didn’t take long before William called me.

“I have paperwork to do and I don’t know what to put in.”

I tried to help over the phone and also suggested he ask the staff for assistance. But before I knew it, here comes my William with a clipboard full of of blank forms

So as I’m filling out his paperwork for him, he asks with an incredulous tone…

Is this what you have to do all the time?”

When I confirmed that it was, he said “Wow, adulting sucks!”

I laughed and said “Now you know why I put off doctor appointments as long as possible.”

Him – “Totally!”

Back To The Adulting

So I sent my son back on his way and eventually, he came back…with way less information than I would have have liked. Aside from telling me that his eyes were ok.

But, the important thing was that he had a whole new appreciation for me!

Now you might be thinking that the most important thing was that his eyes were ok or that he had taken a big step into independence. But, no, it’s definitely the appreciating me thing.

And as William settled into the car, he looked at me and summed it all up perfectly.

Adulting stinks. I used to get lollipops; now I get eye drops.”

Going to the eye doctor as a young adult
New glasses were next on the list! 😆

5 thoughts on “The Transition Into Adulthood

  1. Years ago I started having my boys fill out the forms at the doctor’s office. When they would ask me about it I would say, “Why do you think that I taught you how to read and write”?

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