Bestway Pools Are Perfect For Your Backyard

Pool weather is here! We were one of the lucky families selected to participate in a Tryazon partnership with Bestway! (Thank you to Candy at Geek Mamas for making me aware of this opportunity!) I was more than willing to agree to try out the pool, have a pool party and share my thoughts. And my thoughts are that this pool is awesome!

We were sent the Coleman. 16x10x48 Oval Light Stone pool. The pool comes with a pump so after filling it up and adding chlorine, you’re basically ready to go!

Set up was pretty simple, considering that it was above ground pool assembly. 😀 My husband was able to do most of it on his own in about an hour and a half. (Thanks, honey!) But, he did need an extra pair of hands for certain parts.

I helped by taking pictures!
Hardest part was waiting for it to fill up! 😄

Although it was a little chilly on pool party day, the kids and a few adults, braved the waters and everyone had a great time!

Ever since that day, someone has been in that pool almost every day. I’m so grateful to have this pool in our backyard. Pools are cool anyway but for us, it has been practically life changing. I see my teenagers outside swimming and laughing. That is not always the case with teenagers. Haha. It has given us a place to be together and has increased (unforced) family time. 😄

So if you think your kids are past “that age,” you might be wrong. I suggest you get you take the plunge and get yourself a Bestway above ground pool today!

And also a rooster float..

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