Social Experiments And Its Effects

I felt like I was taking part in a social experiment today. You know, like the one where the guy takes pictures before and after he tells someone they are beautiful?

I was heading into Walgreens. I was wearing a baggy T-shirt, cotton capris with dirt stains on them (thanks to my dogs) and my unwashed, barely combed hair was pulled back in a messy ponytail. I was not a sight to behold or actually I was a sight to behold but not in a good way.

But as I’m walking across the parking lot, I hear a loud booming voice say “Jacksonville!” It startled me and I jumped; then looked up to see a big guy with white hair and a white beard. He was standing by a truck.

He repeated “Jacksonville! So that’s where they keep the good-looking women!”

Who Me?

I kind of stared blankly at him because I was truly thrown by his statement. Probably looked a little something like this…

(Side note: Why is this pic even on my Facebook? Haha)

The, he says, pointedly, “You’re a good-looking woman, young lady.”

I smiled big and said thank you. Then I kind of skipped across the rest of the parking lot. Well, ok, skipping would have hurt my knees but my walk definitely had more pep to it.

But I couldn’t figure it out because I know I wasn’t looking my best or even my average. And yes, I know that we never look as bad as we think we do but still. Maybe he sensed my insecurity and thought I could use a little pick me up. Or maybe he was Santa Claus masquerading as a truck driver and was giving me my early Christmas gift.

All I know is that the compliment rocked and made me feel good. It didn’t come off as creepy; it was just kind.

Nice People Are Nice

So maybe I was part of the experiment! Maybe there was a hidden camera somewhere and someone took a picture of me smiling. God, I hope not! 😉 But, quite frankly it made my day. And, of course, it was a good reminder that words have power. So glad he used his power for good!

Anyway, thank you, truck driving Santa! I hope you have safe travels and thank you for making this not so young lady feel pretty good.


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