Everyone Doesn’t Know Who We Are

    The whole time that I have been mom to my kiddos, we lived in an area that was not particularly diverse. I guess that's the reason that everyone knew who we were.  Transracial families were also more unusual than they are now. Not that they are particularly common now but it is definitely … Continue reading Everyone Doesn’t Know Who We Are

Stress Free Divatress

(Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and all the opinions are mine.) So, I got the opportunity to learn more about divatress. It's an online beauty supply company aimed towards African American women. The website has a seemingly endless supply of hair care products, wigs, and freetress crochet hair. I’ve learned many things about hair from the experience of having a daughter … Continue reading Stress Free Divatress

Race and Shifting Perspectives.

When I was a kid, I was very aware of the perceived differences between black and white people and the basic separation.  It was rare to see an interracial couple and when you did, it was a big deal.  And not necessarily in a good way.  I didn't have an issue with it, but, yeah, … Continue reading Race and Shifting Perspectives.

Is There Room For More In The Parker Academy?

Of course, now that we home school one child, the idea of home schooling all of them has crossed our minds.  We love Lizzie and Antwan's school, but the idea of having them home with me is enticing, for sure.  I have all my important reasons.  If we home schooled, I wouldn't have to get them up early … Continue reading Is There Room For More In The Parker Academy?

Braids, Hoodies, And Driving While Black – The Usual Stuff That All White Parents Deal With…

I said to Lizzie, "We could get your hair braided.  Then we wouldn't have to re-do it every morning."  And, then I referenced a little girl in her class so she'd know what I meant by braided.  "No!  I don't want my hair like hers."  This didn't please me since I really love the idea of … Continue reading Braids, Hoodies, And Driving While Black – The Usual Stuff That All White Parents Deal With…

Six Degrees of Facebook Separation

Life is funny.  Never did I think that I would grow up, become a mom, and carry a constant fear; albeit, in the back of my head (most of the time), that I would have to look into the face of the woman who gave birth to my children, ever again.  Never did I think … Continue reading Six Degrees of Facebook Separation

Mommy, Our Hair Is Different.

Being the Mom of children of a different race than my own means the random conversations that I have with my kids can be a little different.  This morning was no exception.I was doing Lizzie's hair and she said "My hair is different from yours, Mommy."I said, "Yes, your hair and my hair are a little different.  But, both are pretty."She … Continue reading Mommy, Our Hair Is Different.

Mommy, Why Am I Brown?

As we were rushing out the door, the other morning, Antwan asked me why his skin was “brown.”  With no time to sit down and have a heart-to-heart, I said “Because you were born that way, your skin is beautiful.  Get your backpack.”  I made a mental note to come back to it later.  If I … Continue reading Mommy, Why Am I Brown?

How much does the first year affect a child?

She was a good, sweet baby. As exhausted as I was, I was still aware of how low-maintenance she was. She didn't cry much, only when hungry or tired. But, she smiled, she smiled a lot. For the first year of her life, her future was unclear. She was being transported to visitations with her … Continue reading How much does the first year affect a child?