Turns Out When You Homeschool, They’re Always At Home!

We home school.  It still doesn't roll off my tongue.  But, it sure does consume my thoughts.  As soon as our decision was made, we started the process.  I made the appropriate calls.  I sent in the appropriate paperwork.  I registered him on the appropriate virtual learning website.  I turned in his books.  Then, we waited.  He had … Continue reading Turns Out When You Homeschool, They’re Always At Home!

Your First Parents Didn’t Love You.

They say that adopted children carry a "primal wound" with them as they go through life.  A scar from the initial rejection by the people who were "supposed" (to use the term loosely) love and protect them forever.  In some ways, no matter how much water you pour in their emotional bucket, it will never completely … Continue reading Your First Parents Didn’t Love You.

New Year, New Life?

I've been wanting to write a blog post.  But, I didn't want to write yet another post about how frustrating it is to have a teenager.  We all get it, it's harder than I thought it would be.  This is not to say that I'm done venting to whoever will listen.  Because, well, I'm just … Continue reading New Year, New Life?

Does She Have Any Real Kids?

I got a text from a friend who saw us in the parent drop-off line.  She was saying how they were looking at our Star Wars stick family on the back of the van and naming the kids.  Antwan had slipped their mind.  She also mentioned that her daughter had asked if we had any … Continue reading Does She Have Any Real Kids?

How Do You Teach Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Taught?

I think that I've figured out one of the main issues with Kaleb and me.  When you have kids, one of your biggest obligations is to teach them how to effectively live in this world.  How to be a good person.  How to cope with those that aren't.  From the beginning, we've taught Lizzie, Antwan, … Continue reading How Do You Teach Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Taught?

He Has One Mom—Me.

Sometimes, I'm jealous of people with biological children.  Not because I wish that I had biological children instead of my (adopted) children.  But, because I sometimes wish that I could wave a magic wand and make my kids biological.  Occasionally, I get tired of having to explain my family to the well-meaning masses.   When I … Continue reading He Has One Mom—Me.

Words Have More Power Than You Think.

When I was a little girl, I had a friend.  We were good friends, but she wasn't always nice to me.  In 6th grade, she dropped me because I wasn't in the popular crowd.  But, not before, she stabbed me in the arm with a pencil.  This created a hole in my arm and a … Continue reading Words Have More Power Than You Think.

Adopted Kids. They’re Just Kids.

Several months ago, I wrote a post where I was all hot and bothered (justifiably so) because a neighborhood kid had teased Kaleb about being adopted. With everything else in his past, he had to feel self-conscious about his "happy ending??"  -----> (http://www.the5parkers.com/2013/11/kids-say-darndest-things-and-it-needs.html) Then, a couple of months later, Lizzie and I, inadvertently, sold Girl Scout cookies to … Continue reading Adopted Kids. They’re Just Kids.

It’s Easter Again And It’s Been A Busy Year.

Tomorrow is Easter.  And, when you are an adult, that brings many stresses.  For me, I've been stressing about buying all the Easter goodies when we're tight on cash, worrying that everything will go smoothly, and, of course, the biggest stressor of all...how should I match us? 😉  I'm a little sad this year.  I didn't get … Continue reading It’s Easter Again And It’s Been A Busy Year.

Foster Kids, They’re Out There.

I was waiting outside of the library with one of my clients; waiting for it to open.  (I work with adults with disabilities, by the way.)  A teenager who was sitting on the ground, made a comment about how big my purse was and then asked me a couple of questions about library cards.  I answered, they opened … Continue reading Foster Kids, They’re Out There.