What Do You Have Against Peace and Love?

“Sometimes people are just jerks.”  These are the not so deep or overly-thought out words that I said to my kids on Sunday.  It’s simple, but true.  “Sometimes people do mean things for no good reason.”  In hind-sight, I’m not sure what a good reason for being mean is…

I said this because when we got to our van after spending the afternoon at the zoo, I saw that someone had ripped off my new Batman sticker.  It said (with symbols) “Peace, love, and Batman.” I thought it was awesome when I saw it on ebay and thought it was the perfect way to make my mini-van a little more me and to represent my new found obsessive love of Batman without being too extreme.  I still want to fit in at the school parent pick-up line, after all… 😉

I had gotten the sticker, just a few days ago, and proudly put it on my window, across from the elementary school magnet. 

So, when I saw my sticker ripped off and thrown on the ground, it stung a little. 
Re-enactment in my yard!
The really strange thing is that they very carefully took off only the peace symbol and the heart, but left the Bat symbol.  It is so perfectly done, they must’ve had a razor blade.  Apparently, the jerk had issue with peace and love, but Batman’s ok.  Strange.
The boys were upset.  Why would someone do this, they kept asking.  I started with “sometimes people are just jerks.”  And, then realized that I, at least, had an opportunity for a life lesson.  I said that most people are nice, but sometimes there are people that will do mean things for no good reason.  I told them that I knew they would never do something like that (finger crossed!) and that’s because they are better than that. 

After talking about it for a few minutes, I got in the van and discovered that there was a wet diaper stuck under my windshield wiper.  Seriously?  That’s extra disturbing since that meant they had a child who must’ve seen them mess with my van.  Sad.

The boys had more questions after that, but I really didn’t have any better answers.  

William wanted to call the police, but I explained that they really couldn’t do anything about it and would have no way of knowing who did it.

Then, Antwan said “I’ve got an idea. What about the superheroes?”

I was confused.  “What?”

“We can go home and get our superhero costumes and come back and get them.” 

(We actually do all have superhero/crime-fighter costumes.  And, yes, Batman is involved…)

I told him it was a great idea and briefly (maybe not that briefly) fantasized about taking on the bad guys of the world as Batgirl.  🙂

And, then we headed home. 

On the way home, Antwan was getting antsy.  He is a good boy, but he is also a 5 year old who has a low tolerance for being hungry or tired.  And, we had been at the zoo (and then, the “crime scene!) for a long time. 

I hear him say “I’m getting hungry and bored.  I feel like I’m going to do something mean to William.” 

In my distraction and confusion about whether he really just said that, I don’t think I actually responded.

Sure enough, in a couple of minutes, William yells “Ow! Antwan!?  Mom, he flicked his straw at me!”

(Well, he did warn us…)

I turned around (stop light) and said “Antwan, you know the people who ripped up our sticker?  They were being mean like you are being to William.  There’s no reason for that.  You’re better than that, aren’t you?”

He looked at me and I could practically see the light go on and he proudly said “Yes.”  From that point on, he made the extra effort to be nice to William.  There’s the silver lining!

There are way worse things that could happen to a person and way worse things that do happen.  But, it was not nice and it’s such a shame that someone took the time to do something so random and mean. 

I hope that my kids learned something from it and, I hope it prepared them for future random acts of meanness.  Because they’ll happen.

In the meantime, I’m going to order myself another Batman sticker, ponder how the Super-Parkers could help save the world, and, always, always keep in mind, the wise words that Brian spoke to me, via text, “I guess the lesson learned is, don’t park next to the Joker at the zoo.”  Indeed! J

Watch out, meanies!

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