And Life Just Keeping Going.


It is amazing how hard it is to keep up with my blog with half of my kids home.  I thought that homeschooling would free up so much time but it turns out time flies regardless of whether it’s filled with obligation, school work or fun.  But, I’m not complaining.  I’m just observing.  I love having them home with me…most of the time. 😉

So, William started alternative school at the beginning of the year for many fun and not-fun reasons and life has been dictated by what “adventures” he had at school each week, ever since.  For awhile there, I was surprised if the dean didn’t call at the end of the day.  But that’s another blog post. But, other than that, he’s enjoying riding his bike and driving me crazy.;)

Kaleb has been keeping a fairly low profile.  His attitude is great, does all kinds of sweet things for me and we are getting along better than ever.  This, of course, means that he’s getting away with tons of things and enjoying the fact that I haven’t picked up on them yet.  But, I’m not gonna lie, I’m enjoying the blissful ignorance.

Antwan is Antwan.  He is still obsessed with orange and a math whiz.  He gives great hugs and doesn’t like getting up in the morning.

And Lizzie is an amateur chef and remains the animal whisperer of the house and maintains that we need more pets.  Although, I assure you; we do not. At least, that’s what Brian tells me! haha.


Brian is doing great at work, got a raise a handful of months ago which made everything easier, and is steadfast in his no more animals stance but has already caved several times since declaring that.  (I think he loves us.)

And I just want a few more hours in the day (every mom’s dream), an automatic vacuum to call my own, Batman on speed-dial and, as always, a horse.

There you have it, the unsolicited update on our life! 

Also, we took a trip, no one fought, and nothing went wrong.  Weird, right?  Haha.  It was pretty awesome.


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