Five Essentials For A Healthier Lifestyle

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As you know, I’m on a health kick. While my motivation may have come from a “silly” reason, I’m very aware that it’s just really important to pay more attention to my health and wellness. Since changing my life-style, I’m happier and healthier. It definitely gives me hope for the future.

Here are some things that I have recently learned about while on my journey to a healthier me.


The abundance of resources readily available an be overwhelming. But there really is a wealth of knowledge about how to take better care of ourselves out there. Between from official health resources, specialists in their fields and bloggers, like me, you can really learn a lot.

If you’re a woman, it is pretty important to have a female doctor who you trust. She can help you with making improvements in your life and with your help. So use that all that available knowledge to research that, too!

Regular Detoxification

Over time the body accumulates toxins; these can come from healthy foods like fruits as well as unhealthy ones like junk food. Of course, toxins also come from alcohol and drugs. Although, I wouldn’t say that I’m ready to give up alcohol yet, haha. It’s true that toxins like that can make the body feel sluggish and the mind feel cloudy. It’s important to detox the body regularly.  

There are different ways you can detox the body.  In my case, I gave up sodas and fast food (most of the time…). I started drinking water, a lot of water. Fruit juice is also a good option, but nothing really beats water. Although I haven’t personally gone this route, some find an official detox plan by a holistic practitioner to be very helpful

Regular Exercise 

Regular exercise needs to be a normal part of your life! This is harder as you get closer to the age of 40 but it’s super important. Although exercising is not a “treatment” in itself, it truly is amazing for your body and mind. Exercise can also help you to detox and optimize your system. I find myself actually looking forward to the gym and really can’t believe how much it is helping me emotionally. And then there’s the physical benefits of more muscles and baggier clothes.

We all know that it’s important to set goals but there is no hard and fast rule. Sometimes, you need to adjust them to more realistic goals and focus more on the journey, not the destination. I’m trying (and succeeding, I might add!) to make the gym part of my life-style. It turns it into something I want to do, not something I have to do. 

Stress Reduction Therapy 

We all experience stress; it doesn’t matter what age or life situation we are in. Stress happens when a threat – real or perceived! It sends a signal to the amygdala – the emotional center of the brain – which sends a signal to the hypothalamus and affects the nervous system of the body. 

Stress can range from mild to chronic, but even regular mild stress can build up in your system and create health issues. Personally, I find it helpful to recognize the signs and look for ways to combat it before it gets worse. Make sure you are decompressing regularly with a little self-care.   

Meditation Patterns

Meditation is like exercise for the mind and it can definitely help you stay emotionally centered which, of course, leads to happiness and good emotional health. Meditation doesn’t always need to be formal. Mindful meditation can be very helpful. Just take a few minutes for yourself, take some deep breaths and just be in the moment. . 

Health Checkups 

As we get older, our health needs change. Man, I wish I didn’t personally relate to this but I do. Things that we took for granted in our twenties and thirties can no longer be ignored in our forties and fifties (so I hear!). We are more aware of changes in our bodies and now I’m a regular at the doctor’s office. No more being a regular at the clubs for me!  
The best form of treatment is prevention. So it really is a good idea to make that appointment if you notice changes in your body (like lumps, skin tags, etc). And for my guys out there who might have some prostate health concerns, visit for more information on prostate health or to book an appointment with a professional. 

To sum up, we matter. And it’s important to take of yourself, at any age but especially as we get older. I may not like to admit my age but I can admit that my needs may have changed. See you at the gym!


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