The Time I Accidentally Stole A Dog

I pride myself on being an animal rescuer. I love all kinds of animals and I’m someone that people call when they find an animal in need. Sometimes, this is a bad thing because I don’t know how to say no.

Case in point, last week, I rescued a baby possum and a few days later, l picked up a momma dog and her babies from the shelter. They joined my animals and my senior foster dog from the same shelter.

But, that’s not the story. I want to tell you about the time that I accidentally stole a dog. (That’s right, it’s another story of Emily and the weird situations that she gets herself into!)

Dog Napping

When you rescue animals so much, you live your life with an extra eye out at all times. Is that cat by its home? Is that squirrel going to make it across the street? Is that dog ok?

So when I saw a dog wandering the street, looking a little forlorn, I was immediately concerned.

I pulled over and said hello to the dog. I wasn’t going to leave hin out on his own so I started to try to get him into my car. He was a chubby little guy so it wasn’t without challenges.

Trying To Help

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with him but my first priority was to make sure he was safe and then look for his owners. But before I could get that far, an angry looking woman is coming towards me.

“That’s my dog!”

“Oh, good!” I say, or something to that effect.

Unimpressed with my good cheer, she tells me that “my neighbor called me to tell me that someone is trying to steal my dog!”

I tried to explain that I was only trying to help as I helped the dog back out of my car and back to his owner. As I continued to try to explain, she took her dog and left.

I Had Good Intentions

I don’t think she was ever completely convinced that I wasn’t up to no good but at least, the dog was safe and I had, in fact, found his owner! So mission accomplished, I guess! 😁

I have learned nothing from this experience because I have picked up many stray dogs since then. But, thankfully, no one else has thought I was a thief. So there’s that!

(For more of my shenanigan stories, cause it’s kind of my thing, check these out! When Compassion Backfires and Tunnel Vision For My Coffee)

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