Tunnel Vision For My Coffee

I like to think I’m an intelligent woman but the most intelligent person can still do nutty things, especially when she are low on caffeine. I recently went to McDonald’s and had another one of those moments.

So I was making my morning trip to McDonald’s to get my coffee. And apparently, I really needed that coffee because I didn’t notice the cone that I was about to become intimately acquainted with.

I pulled up to the second drive thru lane, slightly surprised that no one was there. Then I hear a bump. I didn’t think too much of it and continued to wait for someone’s voice to come over the speaker but no one’s voice came.

Where’s My Coffee??

Finally, I gave up and started to drive off. That’s when I heard it. The bumping. The scraping. I had clearly run over something but I had no idea what. I headed for the closest parking space, convinced that I had a flat tire. I got out and saw this. I had run over a cone!

All the pieces suddenly fell into place. That’s why no one answered me! There was a cone to tell me not to go to that lane. However, the cone was not effective for me, clearly. 🤦‍♀️

I tried to pull out of the space and off of the cone but it wouldn’t budge. I was panicking and hoping that no one was watching. I went back and forth until finally it dislodged and I was able to drive away from this evil cone.

What Do I Do Now?

Without thinking, I drove around the building and got into the first lane. I don’t know how I had the nerve. But I really wanted that coffee… 😆 And as I ordered said coffee, I looked at the cone still laying on the ground in my former parking space, around 10-20 feet away. And I knew that I had to be brave and go return it to the closed drive thru lane. You know, so I wouldn’t inconvenience anyone else…

But, then another car entered the lane!

I mean, of course it did! There was no cone to stop them.

What do I do? Do I bring them the cone and ask them to move? Do I run metaphorically screaming into the night? Do I slink away?

There Go My Karma Points

I’m not proud but, yep, I took the low road and got the heck out of there. My pride just couldn’t take it.

I felt terrible and hoped to do something to make it up to the universe. Either way, I still found the nerve to go back to the scene of the crime, the next week. And I saw that they had put the cone in a more noticeable spot. Sorry about that, McDonald’s employee!

But, I’m guessing I’m not the only one who can’t see cones because the next time that I stopped by, they had upp-ed the anty. Even I coud never miss this!

So I go to this McDonald’s all the time because I transport a special needs child to therapy next to it. And this new barricade serves as a constant reminder of my cone-themed antics. If there is a lesson to be learned, it would be to pay attention to your surroundings. Oh and maybe just make your coffee at home…


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