Discovering The World of Reptiles At Petsmart

Lizzie and I went to a World of Reptiles event at Petsmart last weekend. It was a good excuse to take my bearded dragon on a field trip and, also, reptiles are cool. 🙂 The turn out was not too impressive but it was still fun. We wandered around and looked at the animals. We … Continue reading Discovering The World of Reptiles At Petsmart

The Buddy Bandana Is Perfect For Your Buddy (Or Not)

I am adding to this post due to the fact that after posting it, I received several comments from people (as can be seen below) who had negative shared experiences with the company. Not receiving their paid for products and not being able to successfully communicate with the company are the common themes. As a … Continue reading The Buddy Bandana Is Perfect For Your Buddy (Or Not)

A DIY Kit That Even I Can Handle

So, Lizzie and I got to make lip balm! Candy of geekmamas gave us a "do it yourself" lip balm kit from Kiss Naturals.  It comes in an adorable package and has everything you need to make your very own lip balm. 🙂 I have to admit I had the kit for several days before we finally … Continue reading A DIY Kit That Even I Can Handle

The Almond Company’s Almonds. It’s Like A Treat Bag For Humans!

Like every family, we have many different tastes. We range from Lizzie and Brian who like most things and me and Antwan who dislike most things. William and Kaleb are in the middle.  But, in my determination to get an honest review of my latest product, I didn't explain to the youngest three what they were … Continue reading The Almond Company’s Almonds. It’s Like A Treat Bag For Humans!

Star Wars Ice For Dummies

In an effort to be a creative and fun mommy, I ordered a Star Wars ice tray! I thought we could experiment and put different things in it.  And, we did. 🙂  I thought we'd start with ice but naturally, my two youngest had other ideas. 🙂 You can click here to watch a short video … Continue reading Star Wars Ice For Dummies

Adagio Tea Adds The Geek

When Candy from geekmamas gave me some Adagio Tea to try, I was definitely on board. Not just because I like tea but I also like geeky tea like the tea from Adagio fandom signature blends. There are so many fun options that cover countless fandoms and you can even purchase samplers of some of the blends to get an idea … Continue reading Adagio Tea Adds The Geek

Stress Free Divatress

(Disclaimer: This post is sponsored and all the opinions are mine.) So, I got the opportunity to learn more about divatress. It's an online beauty supply company aimed towards African American women. The website has a seemingly endless supply of hair care products, wigs, and freetress crochet hair. I’ve learned many things about hair from the experience of having a daughter … Continue reading Stress Free Divatress

Mop Your Cares Away With The O-Cedar ProMist Max

Ok, so with four kids and more animals than I want to admit to, I am constantly on the hunt for better cleaning products. And extra points if it's a product that the kids can effectively use. I have 2 or 3 versions of Swiffers and I love them. Swiffers are definitely easier than a mop and a bucket which … Continue reading Mop Your Cares Away With The O-Cedar ProMist Max

Chewy Had My Back

Well, I know that everyone was hoping that their friendly neighborhood foster care adoption blogger would suddenly start writing reviews, so I did!  And, here's the thing-- Chewy rocks. If you don't know, Chewy ships animal related products to your door.  Food, treats, carriers, beds, toys, anything you can think of.  And, the cool thing is the prices … Continue reading Chewy Had My Back