Riding Horses With My Son

So, I decided to drag William to my horse land. Originally, I was worried that it would be an issue because he has a tendency to toe-walk. This is an issue that has definitely worsened while staying safe at home for so long. Research showed that horseback riding could help with this, though. Ok, my research involved talking to Paige, but in my defense, she’s pretty smart!

When we got there, the previously, enthused or at least, willing son of mine, changed his mind. He was adamant that he wasn’t getting on the horse. He acknowledged that he was anxious about it and Paige and I worked on convincing him while we waited. In the end, I just got up and walked over to our trainer, Myla, when she was ready and he reluctantly followed.

When Myla saw him, she was worried. His balance way off since he is walking on those toes. So, it isn’t so much toe walking, it’s more like toe stumbling.

“Has he had an injury?”

I explained the situation and how we hoped lessons would help with it. She immediately agreed that it could help. Anyway, I nervously followed them to Dixie the horse. I was so worried. I tried to make sure that William didn’t know how worried I was, though. I held my breath as he approached the horse. Then I stared in disbelief as he effortlessly hopped on.

Ummm, what?

He then proceeded to do a great job. And when it was time to get off the horse, she asked him if he wanted to dismount on his own or use the steps. He said he would do it on his own and he hopped off.

Ok, that was impressive. And something that I myself wasn’t going to be able to duplicate.

Myla was enthused about him coming back and said that lessons could definitely help with his feet.

As William went to sit down, I awkwardly got helped on the horse, learning nothing from my son’s success. But, the lesson went well. My confidence was growing and some things were starting to come more naturally. But, even so, when they tried to convince me to hop off my horse without using the steps, like some kind of crazy person, I went rogue and steered my horse to the steps. And, thankfully, the horse cooperated. Haha!

At the end, William said he was willing to go back and I was loving the idea of us having a “thing.” All the way home, William was inspired. He talked about his goals and dreams. It was so amazing to hear him talk with hope in his voice; to finally believe he could accomplish something. It was like getting on that horse had recharged his soul. Awesome, just so awesome. 🧡

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