Week Recap – The Coffee Share

Happy Coffee Share day, hosted by Natalie the Explorer! I haven’t really had a lot of interesting things happen this week. (But keep reading anyway!) I mean, my car broke down on Monday (it’s better now) but that’s not really a fun story. So I’m not gonna bother telling it. But, on a side note, when the heck did car batteries get so expensive??

Mother’s Day

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day. I know that day can be tricky for some, myself included. (I miss my mom.) It was a nice day, though. My 16 year old son, Antwan, made me a morning smoothie. (And left a huge mess, ha) and Brian made me Baked Ziti for dinner which is one of my faves. Also, they dutifully humored me when I decided that I wanted us to have Mother’s Day Tea Sandwiches!

Snow In The Summer!

If you joined me for coffee last week, then you know I’m working on an Olaf cosplay for Enchatmentcon next weekend. And I wanted to share my progress!

This is what I have!

I still need figure out shoes and twigs for my head. And I also need to get a wig! Any suggestions for what hair color a human version of Olaf would have?? 😆

Guest Posting

In my continuous effort to have a wildly successful blog, haha, I jumped at the opportunity to do a guest post on Pooja’s blog! If you haven’t read her blog, you should! Here’s my post about foster care adoption on her blog. Please check it out and then check out her other stuff! 😁 She is such a nice person and is a great blogger. (And if you are reading this because you found me through Pooja, thank you and welcome!)

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day!


10 thoughts on “Week Recap – The Coffee Share

  1. Human version of Olaf! Well, that sounds interesting. Must share the pictures of how it turns out.
    Yes, I’ve found your blog through your guest post so, You’re welcome.😌


  2. How fun. Okay, funny story…years ago, my hubby’s aunt’s family hosted an exchange student, his name was Antwan (sp?), hubby’s grandma who was probably in her 80’s, kept calling him Taiwan. Everyone just shook their heads and laughed…including the poor boy who kept having his name said wrong.

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  3. I just read your guest post, I am actually in the process of fostering to adopt myself. I just finished the first step which was orientation and self-evaluation. Now I’m completing the application and background check. I was wondering how many months did it take for you to complete the on-boarding process and getting matched/referred?

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    1. Hi! Congratulations on the beginning of your adoption adventure! 🙂 We finished the classes in July, 2007 and started the home study process in August. We were officially approved by September/October and were matched with the boys in January of 2008. One tip for you! When you get your home study in hand, you might want to start submitting it to the local agencies and inquiring about kids. When we were approved, I kind of expected immediate calls about kids but there weren’t any calls. It’s weird because there are so many kids but the case workers are overworked and move so slowly. Feel free to ask any questions! I’m happy to answer any that I can!


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