I’m Going To My First Comic Convention, The Book Review

They say to write what you know. And there aren't many people who know the costume and convention scene like Candy Keane from Geekmamas. Between her personal cosplays, her geeky blog, and her costume shop (to mention a few), she has kind of done it all. So, yeah, she wrote when she knows! Every caregiver … Continue reading I’m Going To My First Comic Convention, The Book Review

My Son Moved Back Home

So awhile ago, I wrote an angsty post about my oldest son moving out. Neither one of us handled it well and it caused a lot of hurt feelings on my end. It's all the proverbial water under the bridge now, though. And everything is just fine between us. I always figured that at some … Continue reading My Son Moved Back Home

My Kid Looks Young

William looks young for his age. Primarily because of his height.  And everywhere he goes, people make sure to tell him. Every new doctor. Every new teacher. Every new classmate. Man, I wish I was exaggerating. When I was a kid, I was very thin and very insecure about it. And everywhere I went, people … Continue reading My Kid Looks Young

My Son And His Room

As a mom, finding the balance between my expectations and what the kids can reasonably be expected to do is a constant struggle. Of course, this is not just a mom thing. It's a Dad thing or any kind of caregiver thing. Really, it's a thing for anyone who has to ever deal with other … Continue reading My Son And His Room

Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out, Our Life Is Changing Again.

If you told me, a year ago, that I would be writing this blog, I wouldn't have believed you....Wow, that's such a typical way to begin a story, but it's so true.  A year ago, after a challenging two week visit with Patrick (my children's older biological brother), I was confident that we would continue to do … Continue reading Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out, Our Life Is Changing Again.

Teaching My Little Girl To Love Her Skin.

Lizzie is the only black child in her class.  She is one of two in the whole preschool.  Yeah, we clearly don’t live in the most diverse area.  I have struggled with whether we should relocate to a different part of town.  We have talked about it, but in the end it always comes down … Continue reading Teaching My Little Girl To Love Her Skin.

Telling Your Kids That They’re Adopted

Years ago, I was talking to an adoptive mom about her son and she said that she was going to wait until the “right time” to tell her son that he was adopted.  I flash backed to the "Family Ties" episode when Skippy found out that he had been adopted and his whole world fell … Continue reading Telling Your Kids That They’re Adopted

The 6Parkers?

So, last week, I got a voicemail from Patrick's case worker.  She was wondering about setting up a December visit.  Then, she said that Patrick told her that after this visit, he would decide if he wanted to be adopted.  Immediately, a few questions come to mind.  The first, of course, was "Wait, what???"  We had considered the … Continue reading The 6Parkers?

Doing The Right Thing

Since we were contacted by Patrick’s case worker, I have learned a couple of things.  I’ve learned that some people have strong opinions about pre-teen boys.  And, I have learned that the more someone tells me to do something, the more determined I get to do what I think is right.And, what do I think … Continue reading Doing The Right Thing

I’m not that smart…

Brian and I have always loved going to thrift stores.  Something about not knowing what you might find and the fact that if you find "it," then "it" probably won't cost you much, is very exciting.  So, when we have a free afternoon, one of us tends to suggest stopping by one.And, the kids love thrift … Continue reading I’m not that smart…