Is There A Handbook To Get My Kids To Clean?

Let me just start with saying, I love my children. We all know this. They are the best and make my days brighter and my heart full. But, seriously, what is with their inability/unwillingness to clean?? Well, not necessarily clean, but just pick up their stuff. Well, not necessarily just pick up their stuff, but … Continue reading Is There A Handbook To Get My Kids To Clean?

I Wasn’t Ready For My Close Up.

So, I was at little Walmart as we call it.  (The one with just the food.)  It was an uncommon solo trip and as I was minding my own business, scanning my items, I looked up and I saw it!  A mirror!  An unforgiving mirror staring right back at me.  I was already aware that I wasn't my … Continue reading I Wasn’t Ready For My Close Up.

Does My Daughter Feel Different?

I read a lot about how different transracially adopted kids can feel and it always makes me worry.  I like to think that it's not that big of a deal, but I'm sure that's a bit of denial talking.  You only have to clink a link on the internet to find a story about how hard it … Continue reading Does My Daughter Feel Different?

Everyone Needs A Project!

So, I have to share my little (admittedly, a bit late in the game) summer project!  I keep seeing all these articles about making non-waffle items in the waffle iron and that sounds right up our alley!  So, I decided that we should try a new recipe every week (or weekish, depending on my level of … Continue reading Everyone Needs A Project!

Sharing Is Caring-Especially If Honey Buns Are Involved.

Brian loves The Beatles.  I love Batman.  Kaleb loves basketball.  William loves Doctor Who.  Lizzie loves animals.  And Antwan, he loves Honey Buns.  There is no truer statement in the world than this.  He really loves Honey Buns and always has.  I wish that I could remember the first time that he tried one.  If I had known how much … Continue reading Sharing Is Caring-Especially If Honey Buns Are Involved.

Does She Have Any Real Kids?

I got a text from a friend who saw us in the parent drop-off line.  She was saying how they were looking at our Star Wars stick family on the back of the van and naming the kids.  Antwan had slipped their mind.  She also mentioned that her daughter had asked if we had any … Continue reading Does She Have Any Real Kids?

He Has One Mom—Me.

Sometimes, I'm jealous of people with biological children.  Not because I wish that I had biological children instead of my (adopted) children.  But, because I sometimes wish that I could wave a magic wand and make my kids biological.  Occasionally, I get tired of having to explain my family to the well-meaning masses.   When I … Continue reading He Has One Mom—Me.

Words Have More Power Than You Think.

When I was a little girl, I had a friend.  We were good friends, but she wasn't always nice to me.  In 6th grade, she dropped me because I wasn't in the popular crowd.  But, not before, she stabbed me in the arm with a pencil.  This created a hole in my arm and a … Continue reading Words Have More Power Than You Think.

Adopted Kids. They’re Just Kids.

Several months ago, I wrote a post where I was all hot and bothered (justifiably so) because a neighborhood kid had teased Kaleb about being adopted. With everything else in his past, he had to feel self-conscious about his "happy ending??"  -----> ( Then, a couple of months later, Lizzie and I, inadvertently, sold Girl Scout cookies to … Continue reading Adopted Kids. They’re Just Kids.

It’s Easter Again And It’s Been A Busy Year.

Tomorrow is Easter.  And, when you are an adult, that brings many stresses.  For me, I've been stressing about buying all the Easter goodies when we're tight on cash, worrying that everything will go smoothly, and, of course, the biggest stressor of should I match us? 😉  I'm a little sad this year.  I didn't get … Continue reading It’s Easter Again And It’s Been A Busy Year.